DJI Matrice M 600 Industrial Multirotor

Drone Shop Canada is the leader in M600 custom builds. Contact Us About Extreme Pricing For The Matrice 600 Our past builds include: Drone Zoom Cameras Radiometric FLIR Camera Multiple Payloads The M 600 Matrice is a heavy lift monster. Complete with 6 battery bays, a state of the art...


Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera

In Stock And On Shelves 7x Total Lossless Zoom for UAV From A Combination Of Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom. Compatible with Inspire 1, Matrice 100, Matrice 600. 


DJI Hex Hub Battery Charger

Just Announced!!  Order Now, First order sold out, next order coming the first week of November! The DJI Hex Charger is a high power solution to charging batteries for the Matrice 600.  Capable of connecting 6 batteries on it at once you will be back flying in no time. This...


A3 Pro Upgrade

The A3 Pro upgrade adds 2 extra IMU and GPS units for complete redundancy in your flight controller system. All of the parts work in unison to deliver precision accuracy and extremely stable flight.  Two upgrade kits must be bought to make the system an A3 PRO.  Very easy to...


Matrice M 600 Professional Inspection UAV - Drone Shop Canada - Professional UAV Sales Repair
Matrice M 600 Professional Inspection UAV

Professional Visual Inspection Package From Drone Shop Canada Insurance Inspections, Roof Inspections, Industrial Inspections all with the accuracy and safety of the DJI Matrice M600 Package Includes: DJI Matrice 600Full Set Extra PropellersTravel CaseX5 Camera BodyX5 Mount Plate12x TB47 Batteries2x Charging Hub  //Need to supply lens option for the X5//Upgrade...

$11,415.00 $11,399.00

Matrice M 600 Spare Propellers 2170 Blades

Replacement Propellers (props) for the Matrice M600   NOTE: A set is ONE motors worth of blades.  To outfit a full M600 you would need to buy 3 CW and 3 CCW.  //blades ony is just the blades //set includes the metal adapter for the blades.  2170 Carbon Fiber Reinforced...

from $88.00

DJI Matrice M600 and Ronin-MX Package

The Matrice M600 heavy lift multirotor is paired with the new Ronin MX to create an aerial media heavy lift monster!   


DJI A3 RTK GNSS GPS "G" Kit for NA / Canada With Datalink Pro 900mhz

The UAV RTK GPS solution for the Matrice M600 and other large multirotors wanting to do RTK precision work.  This package needs to be coupled to the A3 flight controller from DJI. Perfect for surveying, mapping and other precision industrial applications. Check out our photos and videos of our shop...


Matrice M 600 Travel Case - Drone Shop Canada - Professional UAV Sales Repair
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Matrice M 600 Travel Case

DJI Matrice M 600 Travel Cases Are Available In Canada Please Contact For Accurate Shipping Options ***NOTE NO FREE SHIPPING*** Features: Waterproof and Dust Proof Design Impact Resistant UV and Fungus Resistant Pressure Valves Steel Latches and Hinges Storage for Spare Blades MIL SPECS (C-4150J / STD-810F) Exterior Size: 80cm...

$1,620.00 $1,275.00

Matrice 600 TB47s Battery 6 Pack - Drone Shop Canada - Professional UAV Sales Repair
Matrice 600 TB47s Battery 6 Pack

6 pieces of TB47s batteries for the Matrice 600

$1,290.00 $1,078.00

Matrice M600 TB48s 5400mah Battery

Extended Battery Solution for M 600 Multirotor // Must use 6 TB48s batteries // Cannot be mixed with TB47s  Email for 6 pack info.


Matrice 600 Professional Agricultural Extended Flight UAV - Drone Shop Canada - Professional UAV Sales Repair
Matrice 600 Professional Agricultural Extended Flight UAV

Matrice 600 Agricultural package combines the speed and accuracy of the DJI Matrice 600 UAV and includes different payloads to get the job done. The package comes with a special multispectral lens retrofitted into an X3 camera. as well as a standard X3 visual camera.  Included: Matrice 600 UAVX3 Visual...

$13,111.00 $12,899.00

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