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A Presentation of the New Transport Canada UAV / Drone Regulations

How will the new Transport Canada regulatory changes impact the professional and recreational UAV / Drone user?

Say Goodbye To The DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4, one of the most iconic steps forward in the consumer drone...

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Matt - Nanuk Case

Great fast and free local shipping. Got my case the day I wanted to go out for a flight so it worked out great. Not to mention the lowest local price for the item

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Drone Shop Canada started in 2014 from a long time passion with building and flying drones. We started back when arduino controllers had to be programmed with lines of code and if you flew more then 5 minutes without a crash you were doing good. From sales to repairs, all interactions are handled professionally so you as the customer, know you are getting the best product from the most knowledgeable people, and at the best price.

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