WaterStrider 2.0 Pro Red Drone Raft - for Phantom 4 (Pro/Adv) & 2

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WaterStrider 2.0 Pro Red

Safely land your drone on water and rough terrain with WaterStrider from DroneRafts.

Engineered to fit the DJI Phantom 4 PRO & ADVANCED and DJI Phantom 2, WaterStrider clips on quickly and easily. Featuring the popular high visibility red front pods, making it easier to see your drone far away and to see which way it is oriented. Its lightweight design has minimal impact on flight times, while the wide pod structure provides an unobstructed camera view.

Featuring QuickDeploy detachable landing gear, assemble and install out of the box in less than a minute.

Leave the CameraGuard base installed on your drone as a gimbal guard and attach the QuickDeploy legs when needed.

Robust design and premium materials are just some of the reasons why drone enthusiasts choose WaterStrider.