Phantom 3 Professional FPV Combo

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We have bundled together everything you need to go FPV flying with your DJI Phantom 3 Professional. While you could get this combo in the Advanced version we have tested it and the Advanced doesn't do well with FPV as the camera buffer isn't fast enough. We have included the Trackimo GPS tracker in the package because if you are plugged into the goggles and the drone goes down for some reason it is very hard to find because you didn't have visual contact from the ground. We have lost a few before adding Trackimo to our personal drones.

This kit includes:

Phantom 3 Professional Drone (Drone, Controller, Battery, 8 Props, Camera, SD Card, 100w Charger)
Extra Phantom 3 Battery
HDMI Output Board Already Installed
HDMI Cables For Between The Controller And Goggles
FatShark Dominator V3 Goggles With Battery
FatShark Battery Charger

Remember to add CPS Crash Protection Insurance, a case to hold everything. Also extra batteries, carbon fibre props and a charging hub would round out the combo nicely.