Matrice 100 Professional Agricultural UAV

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$7,305.00 $7,735.00

Matrice 100 Agricultural package combines the speed and accuracy of the DJI Matrice 100 UAV and includes different payloads to get the job done. The package comes with a special multispectral lens retrofitted into an X3 camera, as well as a standard X3 visual camera. These are easily swapped to go from visual to NDVI detection. We have included the Trackimo tracker in the even your UAV goes down in the field this will allow you to pinpoint its position. Good cheap insurance. 


Matrice 100 UAV
X3 Visual Camera
X3 Multispectral Camera
Trackimo GPS Tracker
Charging Hub
3 Additional Batteries (Total of 4)


Additional battery bay can be added to increase flight times, and batteries can be upgraded to larger capacity. Email for more details.

// This is a made to order package, everything will be assembled, upgraded and tested before shipping.

// Ask about adding Drone Deploy to stich and analyze your photos into useable crop data