Matrice 100 Premium Ag Farming Kit

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$10,199.00 $11,583.00

Professional Agriculture is big business, now the tools you need to compete are attainable, easy to use, and rapid to analyze the data giving you the advantage to make the right critical decisions to keep your profits maximized. 

I have farmed for years in rural Alberta, check out the about us page or give us a call. I am a real person that operates these multirotors everyday and I am here to make sure you are supported with your business. 

Compare this package to all others on the market and you will see its value. We ship to all locations in Canada and the USA. This BLOWS the DJI and PrecisionHawk package out of the air! Keep in mind there is at least 9 components that need upgrading, all we take care of before shipping. 


DJI Smarter Farming Package Equivalent = $11,583 CAD

Ag Scout Premium Package Equivalent = $10,362 CAD

Email for USD Pricing.

This package comes bundled to give you the best experience possible with these tools. We can alter packages as needed if you require. All packages come with lifetime email tech support. 


In This Package:

1x Matrice 100 Frame
1x Second Battery Compartment Installed
1x Visual RGB Camera X3 Model
1x Multispectral Camera X3 Model for NDVI
5x TB48D Extended Flight Batteries
1x Battery Charging Hub
1x Military Spec Case
1 Year Subscription To Drone Deploy


Available Add Ons:

180W Rapid Battery Charger          // $80
Apple Ipad Mini 4 16gb WiFi           // $440


Note: Package comes fully assembled, upgraded, and tested: Part of our service. Batteries will be shipped separate as dangerous goods.