DJI S900 Spreading Wings


The DJI S900 is an amazing entry level aerial photography platform. Able to handle smaller format cameras because of its hexacopter format, it is slightly smaller and more nimble then its big brother the S1000. The DJI S900 still comes with the tried and tested 4114 motors and folding propellors, it achieves 2.5kg of lift per arm, thats 15kg total payload!! Order now with either the A2 or Wookong flight controllers, add a lightbridge or a ground station to program autonomous flights from your ipad.

If you are looking for a full RTF system please send us a message, many times we can do a better package deal them buying all the components separately. The best example is we can offer you the DJI Lightbridge at a fraction of the cost if you are looking to get the spreading wings series with either the A2 or Wookong.

** Custom order take a few days to build