DJI Ronin M Stabilized Gimbal

$1,199.00 $1,399.00

DJI Ronin-M

Incredibly Compact. Unbelievably Light.

A new version of the iconic Ronin, now in a smaller compact form. Weighing 2.3kg its weight and stature is much smaller, small enough now to fit into a backpack, and strong enough to fit a camera up to 3.6kg.

Fast SetUp, Precise Balancing

Balance your DSLR in 5 mintues, then tap a button, the Auto Tune Stability completes the tuning process efficiently and quickly.

Wireless Thumb Controller

The thumb controller will be able to control the camera direction allowing better footage from a 1 person setup.

2nd Operator Remote Controller

Standard equipment with the Ronin package allows a second operator to get the perfect shot. Swing, tilt, and roll the camera for intricate shots with ease. DJI Smart Battery 6 hour runtime and only 1 hour charge time lets you shoot basically all day. Add a second battery and you will be unstoppable! Easy to see LED's show you remaining power, as well it is displayed in the app.

Power Options

A power distribution box has 2 dedicated 12V P-taps and a 500mAH USB connector to power your camera and accessories. Also included is a LightBridge port to expand to remote monitors.

Quick Release Mount

Mount your Ronin to the included handle bar, or a range of universal mounts. Put the Ronin M on a crane, tripod, or about anything else you can think of.

Simple Assembly and Flexibility

Twist off the handle bars to sneak through tight spots, pack it up quickly to move on to the next location. Ease of use had never been better.