DJI Phantom 3 4K

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For More Information On Our Crash Protection Insurance, See The Details On Consumer Protection Service And the Policies

Due to overwhelming dissatisfaction with this product we are no longer offering the Phantom 4k for sale. We can order in parts and do repairs but we STRONGLY urge you to consider a Phantom 3 Advanced or Professional as an alternative.

A few reasons why the Phantom 3 4k is NOT a good machine.

// Weak GPS Receiver, Only 7-8 Connections vs 12-18 on Other Models

// Wifi Video Communication Means Low Range and Low Quality

// Slow Write Speed to SD Card

// Bad Design In Camera Connections Makes Almost Every Crash A Minimum $200 Mistake

// Hard To Update Firmware Procedures

// Loose Wifi Link When Known Wifi Hotspot Is In Range (Shaw / Bell / Home Etc.)


The Phantom 4K brings a high end camera to a more affordable platform.