DJI Inspire 1 Battery TB47 4500 mah

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DJI Inspire 1 Battery 4500 mah TB47

OEM DJI Inspire 1 Battery. This battery has an 18 minute flight time. This is 100g lighter then the 5700mah battery, which only has 4 minutes longer flight time. This battery is 15% lighter then the bigger battery. Lighter batteries keep the DJI Inspire 1 more nimble in the air, and makes the carrying case that much lighter!! Pick up 1 or 2 and keep your inspire 1 flying! Check the FAA website for guidelines on bringing LiPo batteries on airplanes, and ALWAYS take them into carry on. Pick up a high power DJI smart battery charger, giving 180W of charging versus the standard 100W and cut down on charge time dramatically.