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*** Services only available to Canadian companies and destinations at the moment.
Drone Shop Canada is pleased to offer a no hassle dropshipping service for drones in Canada, along with our popular wholesale account options.
Do you want to offer your customers and clients the most popular quadcopters from DJI, the most well known UAV manufacturer in the world? By offering DJI branded products, your store gains instant credibility with consumers.
We offer very competitive margins and low order quantities for sub dealers.

What is the Wholesale Account Option?

If you are looking run your own online store or actively carry product in a brick and mortar store, this is the option for you. Order what you want to stock and we will ship it to you on a LTL carrier. We offer very low minimum order quantities to those who purchase with us. With the wholesale account, you also get preferential rates on drop shipping in certain circumstances. 
We do not restrict you from sourcing product from other dealers as needed. We do not lock you into a contract to buy exclusively from us. We know this industry has stock variations and have dealt with all the supply issues that come along with it. 
With our wholesale customers, we will review every order and check that what you are ordering makes sense for your business. When starting out we ordered a lot of product that just didn't sell through, and really wish we had someone to bounce ideas off of in the beginning. We are here to help you succeed, not to push product.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a customer orders a product from you, you then order from Drone Shop Canada's website, and we ship direct to your customer. We will add in any of your branded marketing materials before sending out the order. You never touch inventory and you customer is never the wiser, we will have no contact with them, you are the point of sale and service.
Dropship accounts do not require a monthly minimum sell through but do have lower margins on product then our wholesale customers receive.
Included in our dropshipping is the option to include fully branded media to accompany DJI products that get sent out to your customers. Add in fliers, business cards or special announcements with every shipment.
We can also serve as a service center for your customers, having them send us repairs, and you taking care of billing and upselling. We will repair and send the order back out using your branded materials.
Contact us today to sign up as a sub-dealer or a dropship dealer. Limited opportunities available for the 2017 year. Some restrictions apply.
Advantages of using Drone Shop Canada as your DJI Distributor:
Low Minimum Order Quantities
Low Monthly Minimums For Wholesale Accounts
Weekly Ordering Ensures Good Product Availability
Dedicated Email Address For Wholesale And Dropship Clients
To get started as a Wholesale Client emails us:
Please include all relevant information including:
Name, Company, City, Province, Phone, Email
Avenues of sale (online, brick and mortar), Product lines of interest
Any other pertinent information and we will get back to you shortly. 

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