DJI Matrice M 600 Industrial Multirotor

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Drone Shop Canada is the leader in M600 custom builds.

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Our past builds include:

  • Drone Zoom Cameras
  • Radiometric FLIR Camera
  • Multiple Payloads
The M 600 Matrice is a heavy lift monster. Complete with 6 battery bays, a state of the art DJI A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2, and the ability to lift 6kg.  A Ronin MX gimbal can be fitted to fly the Red Epic and smaller cameras. Survey grade GPS is also available as well as add ons to make the flight controller fully redundant. 
  • Designed for filmmakers and industrial applications
  • Multiple gimbals supported including the Ronin-MX
  • A3 and Lightbridge 2 built-in
  • Extended flight time and long range transmission
  • Professional HD transmission
  • Powerful app control
  • SDK supported
  • Upgradeable with A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS