DJI Hex Hub Battery Charger

Just Announced!!  Order Now, First order sold out, next order coming the first week of November! The DJI Hex Charger is a high power solution to charging batteries for the Matrice 600.  Capable of connecting 6 batteries on it at once you will be back flying in no time. This...


DJI Inspire 1 / Phantom 3 / 4 Remote Controller Strap (Part 44)

Neck Strap Lanyard for Controllers Part 44. Perfect for any transmitter with a eye hook on it. Very comfortable especially when using a large ipad on your controller. No need to worry about dropping the transmitter and the design transfers the weight to your back not your neck. neckstrap


DJI Inspire 1 Battery TB47 4500 mah

DJI Inspire 1 Battery 4500 mah TB47 OEM DJI Inspire 1 Battery. This battery has an 18 minute flight time. This is 100g lighter then the 5700mah battery, which only has 4 minutes longer flight time. This battery is 15% lighter then the bigger battery. Lighter batteries keep the DJI...


DJI Inspire 1 Battery TB48 5700 mah

DJI Inspire 1 Battery 5700 mAh TB48 The bigger Inspire 1 Battery 5700 mAh battery is available to give you extended flight times, up to 22 minutes. The standard 4500 mAh battery yields 18 minutes. Thats a 22% increase in flight time with the bigger battery. Note based on the...


DJI Inspire 1 Extended Auxiliary Battery Solution

Drone Shop Canada has perfected the aux battery mod for the Inspire 1. No more need to modify batteries and void their warranties. With this solution battery power is added AFTER the smart lipo, and acts as battery redundancy for your UAV.   You can hook up one battery to the...


DJI Inspire Battery Hub

Charge up to 4 batteries sequentially without checking and changing cables. Batteries not included, Wall charger not included, Hub Only Part 55. Use with the 180W charger for best results. Is compatible with 100W charger included with your Inspire 1.


Inspire 1 / Phantom 3 Extreme Long Range System

Brought to you by Horizon FPV, these antennas give you extreme range on your phantom 3 and inspire 1, not only that the video downlink will be higher quality and bandwidth. Use a custom channel and set the bandwidth to the highest setting to enjoy the HD downlink the way...


Inspire 1 / Phantom 3 Long Range Antenna Upgrade

Brought to you by Horizon FPV this antenna upgrade for the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 is a great upgrade to start out in long range flights, or for those looking for stellar signal quality when in closer range. With this set up you will be able to make use...


Inspire 1 Auxiliary Battery Hookup

Drone Shop Canada has developed an external auxiliary extended battery hookup that DOES NOT require you to modify your batteries, DOES NOT require any modification to the Inspire 1. Works with all versions. The options for batteries to add are endless, Try a few different configurations and send us the...


Inspire 1 FPV Pilot Camera Upgrade - Drone Shop Canada - Professional UAV Sales Repair
Inspire 1 FPV Pilot Camera Upgrade

Introducing the Drone Shop Canada Inspire 1 FPV system. Upgrade your DJI Inspire 1 with a nose cone FPV camera for the pilot. Now the pilot can fly independently of the camera operator. Orientation is now much easier to manage while the Inspire 1 camera is operated independently. This is...

$1,087.00 $650.00


WHAT'S INCLUDED ItElite MaxxRange Panel Antenna 2X MMCX to RP-SMA cables  2X RP-SMA to SMA cables Quick mount and hardware  Hands Down the best range booster for your DJI drone! Power: 9dbi Easy Installation, Ask for instructions No soldering required, no cutting, no taping No Modification to the drone itself, this is...


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