A3 Pro Upgrade

The A3 Pro upgrade adds 2 extra IMU and GPS units for complete redundancy in your flight controller system. All of the parts work in unison to deliver precision accuracy and extremely stable flight.  Two upgrade kits must be bought to make the system an A3 PRO.  Very easy to...


DJI A3 Flight Controller

The most advanced and expandable flight controller on the market today. The ability to get full redundancy with 3 IMU's, add GPS/GLONASS RTK system for survey grade cm accuracy. Datalink with a ground station, the list goes on.  This is the must have flight controller for photographers and industrial solutions....


DJI A3 Pro Flight Controller

Complete A3 Pro Package. Complete redundancy, precision accuracy. Includes the A3 pro upgrade packages to make a redundant UAV flight controller. Be safe and accurate with the DJI A3 flight controller and IMU in Canada. The first consumer available redundant IMU compass and flight controller available is so easy to...


DJI S1000 Plus Spreading Wings

Spreading Wings is the industry standard in professional aerial photography drone platforms. Easy to use and control, cinema quality video is at your fingertips, literally. Keep your high-end cameras safe with 8 motors, if there is a failure your flying camera can still be landed safely. Drone Shop Canada offers...


DJI S1000+ & A2 Flight Controller

DJI S1000 & A2 Flight Controller Package of both the S1000 and the A2 Flight Controller


DJI S1000+ & A2 Flight Controller & DT7 Transmitter

DJI S1000 & A2 Flight Controller & DT7 Transmitter Combo with the aerial platform, flight controller, and remote control transmitter.


DJI S900 Spreading Wings

The DJI S900 is an amazing entry level aerial photography platform. Able to handle smaller format cameras because of its hexacopter format, it is slightly smaller and more nimble then its big brother the S1000. The DJI S900 still comes with the tried and tested 4114 motors and folding propellors,...


DJI Zenmuse Z15 Gimbal

Pick the gimbal to fit your camera. These are all special order gimbals. åÊWe can have in stock 7-10 business days. We can special order gimbal repair parts in case your gimbal needs servicing. Contact for details. The DJI Zenmuse series is a perfect pair for the Spreading Wings S1000...


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