DJI Ronin Battery 3400mah

This is an OEM DJI Ronin Battery for the DJI Ronin 3 axis handheld gimbal. Up to 4 hours of stabilization time, and only 1 hour to charge you can keep your filming projects shooting all day. Pick up an extra battery today.


DJI Ronin M Stabilized Gimbal

Ronin M Incredibly Compact. Unbelievably Light. A new version of the iconic Ronin, now in a smaller compact form. Weighing 2.3kg its weight and stature is much smaller, small enough now to fit into a backpack, and strong enough to fit a camera up to 3.6kg. Fast SetUp, Precise Balancing...


DJI Ronin MX

DJI Ronin MX  


DJI Ronin. Free Yourself. Be A Warrior.

The DJI Ronin 3 Axis Stabilized Gimbal has come to Canada and is quickly becoming a contender against the more expensive gimbals on the market today. With the DJI Ronin coming in much below other gimbals, this could, and should be the next standard for film makers. From the smallest...


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