DJI Inspire / Matrice 100 X3 NDVI Camera For Agriculture

$1,619.00 $1,759.00

This is a built to order option for the Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 X3 camera. Giving you powerful crop data to find problem areas and ultimately increase crop production. Agriculture is one of the industries that is experiencing huge measurable benefits from the use of AG Drones. The original stock lens is pulled and replaced with a high quality glass lens with a Red / NIR filter, and focused before sealing the X3. Each unit is tested and the images analyzed before being sent out. This is a high quality dual band NDVI filter with superior contrast between the two bands and no spectral cross-talk. This filter lets you see where vegetation is thriving and areas that need attention. Want this option retrofitted on your own X3 camera? Send us an email.

Drone Shop also supports NDVI Imagery for the Phantom 3 Camera, and Gopro Hero Cameras.